Ethics & Compliance

ASC is committed to the highest level of corporate ethics and values. We dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction and quality in everything we do in order to sustain our leadership role in the construction industry.

Honesty and Integrity

We obey all laws and always practice the highest standards of honesty and integrity in every aspect of our work and in all of our business relationships.


We will foster a spirit of integrity, responsibility and accountability throughout the job and the organization.

Client Satisfaction

We will ensure that all activity is driven by a dedication to our clients by actively searching out the needs of the clients and by responding to these needs quickly and effectively.


We will conduct all activities in a productive, efficient and cost effective manner.


Creating an environment where both active listening and purposeful speaking are encouraged. Whether by email, phone or in person, good communication is an essential component of a successful construction project.


Minimizing personal and property safety risks through utilization of appropriate equipment, the planning of each workday and the proper training of our team members.

Follow Through

Seeing the job through completion and satisfaction; most importantly, guaranteeing our work with pride and diligence instilled as part of our corporate culture.

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